How did the NDIS save $1.6 B

As of March 2019, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) introduced a total of 27,853 participants to the agency nationally which made up 93% of their operational target for new plan approvals.

Of the 27,853 new participants a total of 3,755 were eligible in New South Wales making up a total of 104,854 participants.

Reviewing the current utilisation rates for participants in NSW is it evident that the NDIA are not funding participants appropriately, is it possible there are to many gaps in the system, and as a result are participants losing much needed supports?

Could this possibly be due too;

  • Lack of trained Local Area Coordinators
  • Lack of trained NDIA Planners
  • NDIA staff capping
  • Lack of Support Connection

The NDIS quarterly report shows in total 8% (8,388 participants) of the 104,854 participants located in NSW plans had no deductions from their portal in the last quarter.

More to this,

  • 5.4% of participants (5662*) activated their plan within 120 days
  • 5.3% of participants (5557*) activated their plan between 90-119 days
  • 8% of participants (8,388*) activated their plan between 60-89 days
  • 15.1% of participants (15,832*) activated their plan between 30-59 days and,
  • 58.1% of participants (60,920*) activated their plan within 30 days

Could these statistics be inline with an underspend of $1.6B for the NDIS with Just under 50% of the total 104,854 participants in NSW receiving limited to no supports.
The Hon Stuart Robert MP. Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme says that the purpose for the underspend of the NDIS is based on 100,000* estimated participants to enter the scheme were unable to be found. However, the quarter 4 quarterly report stated that the NDIA met its operational target with 93% of new participants entering the scheme.

What caused such a huge underspend?




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