The Innovative Bike Chair: Revolutionising Mobility for People with Special Needs

Allows you to take your special someone with mobility challenges for a ride.

History of the Bike Chair

Bill and Glad, residents of Sunshine Coast, were both bicycle enthusiasts even before they got married. They often hang out riding their own bicycles and together they enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. However, one day Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and this news broke his heart. Despite that, Bill didn’t want his wife to be stuck inside their home so he created a remarkable innovation that can help him bring her wife outside without compromising her safety.

Through Bill’s unquenchable determination and brilliant mind, He was able to reform the bicycle into something extraordinary that caters to Glad’s special needs, specifically the mobility challenge– the Bike Chair.

The Innovative Bike Chair

Bill’s genius mind came up with the amazing concept of combining a wheelchair and a bicycle, resulting in the creation of the chair bike. This innovative design has become a blessing to people with special needs and their loved ones, allowing them to enjoy leisurely strolls through the streets.

And this brilliant innovation didn’t go unnoticed to the public. As Bill and Glad rode their exceptional tricycle on local bikeways, their heartwarming story caught the eye of many residents and melted their hearts. Soon, a short video was created narrating their inspiring journey and the creation of the Bike Chair.

Thanks to Bill’s innovative mind and unwavering love for his wife, many became inspired. Their story opens everyone’s eyes and becomes a source of hope for people who also experience special needs.

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Elisia pursues equality and innovation. Her five years of experience in digital marketing and strategic communication implementation allows her to create compelling and meaningful brand storytelling.

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