“We advocate to Pursue quality service and inclusive supports for all”

Scott Papas, CEO


Pursue is committed to supporting and keeping our community safe through adherence to the COVID Guidelines. We believe that together, we can rise against the challenges and build a healthier Australia.

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Our Values


We strive to provide service with loyalty, honour and dignity to achieve the best outcomes


Pursue works to amplify the possibilities by approaching the individual with an unobstructed imagination to achieve their goals


We act with accountability, transparency, and empathy


We build on the strength to overcome obstacles and gain a new perspective on accomplishments for each individual

About Us

We pursue equality and inclusivity for everyone. Our advocacy is to empower our participants to achieve their dreams and open more opportunities through support services.

The radiating lines of the Pursue logo are symbolic of the positive rippling effect that Pursue has on our clients. We founded Pursue to raise awareness for those with significant and long-term mental illness through advocacy and community engagement.

Client Testimonials

Kath K .

Pursue support and encourage me to be creative while on lockdown. It’s cool! There are so many things to try!

Trev M .

Pursue is informative. They make my NDIS Plan understandable

Parole Officer Kylie .

When Pursue took over, I saw fantastic progress with Jay! Thank you.

K.H Physiotherapist .

My client is extremely happy. She’s in tears as to how grateful she was to have workers that are enabling her rather than doing everything for her.

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EJ Malicdem
(Communications & Marketing Officer)

Elisia pursues equality and innovation. Her five years of experience in digital marketing and strategic communication implementation allows her to create compelling and meaningful brand storytelling.

Elisia believes that digital presence is a powerful tool that can educate people about invisible disabilities. By informing, we encourage the community to support and embrace inclusivity.

Elisia loves to create narrative videos on her own time. She often experiments on silent and colour graded clips. She also loves to read books. Her favourite author is C.S Lewis.