NDIS Accommodation Provider, Pursue, Continues to Expand and Launch Innovative Sites.

Pursue Ability continues to launch innovative and customised NDIS supported independent living accommodation solutions for Australians living with psychosocial disability and other long term mental health issues.

Demand for mental health support is growing as the fallout from COVID continues to impact people across the country. Outer metropolitan and regional areas are under increased pressure as people move from metro areas to seaside towns to enjoy the benefits of a more relaxed lifestyle while being able to work from home.

“Mental health services for those living with long term diagnosed psychosocial disability are already in short supply and COVID is only making things more difficult,” Papas said.

Scott Papas is the CEO and founder of Pursue Ability, an NDIS provider of Supported Independent Living facilities and other services for people living with psychosocial disability. Pursue Ability was founded in early 2020 and comprises a number of sites across New South Wales. The organisation has just launched in Newcastle and is already rolling out additional sites across New South Wales including Liverpool.

“This is one of the key reasons why I established Pursue Ability. I found a gap in the services and accommodation being offered across the community for those who have a diagnosed psychosocial disability, or have a forensic or social admission history. I wanted to ensure there were services and facilities available for them that truly understood their situation and catered to their unique needs. And so, I established Pursue Ability to meet this need,” Papas said.

“What I have found is that the gap is getting bigger and more services are needed, especially given the impact of COVID. While there has always been need in cities, the need is growing in outer metropolitan and regional areas.

“This is why we launched in Newcastle. People in Newcastle living with psychosocial disability desperately need accommodation and services tailored to their needs. The population is growing but services and support have not.

“We have just opened our first Supported Independent Accommodation (SIL) home in Newcastle and will be opening several more over the coming months. Our services will address a huge need across the community and help to change lives for many people.”

Further Pursue Ability sites are opening over the next few months across outer western Sydney including Liverpool, Auburn and Casula and they are redefining accommodation solutions for those living with disability.

“Our supported independent living accommodation solutions are customised, cutting edge and deliver a new standard of care in this country,” Papas added.

According to Papas, those living with long term mental health issues need specialised and tailored care and support. Pursue Ability provides this support in line with recommendations from the client’s trained health practitioners to ensure this is done with the highest level of planning. A critical element of this is having an appropriate place to live with the necessary support structures.

“Our mission at Pursue Ability is to enhance the lives of those living with uncertainty by creating opportunity and fostering a sense of belonging and independence. We provide ongoing support and advocacy to assist our participants in securing long term housing solutions that aim to increase their capacity by providing trained and qualified mental health trained staff with a passion for supporting our community,” Papas added.

“We pride ourselves on supporting participants to identify their triggers and work on building resilience for them to overcome their challenges, and live a full and happy life.”

Scott Papas is experienced in community services and disability support. With over nine years of diverse experience in the industry, Papas is dedicated to supporting NDIS participants throughout every phase of life.

“We are looking forward to joining the Newcastle community and assisting people with long term diagnosed psychosocial disability to live their best life,” Papas added.

Source https://brandgelist.medium.com/leading-aussie-ndis-accommodation-provider-pursue-ability-continues-to-expand-and-launch-8f68dc108c2c

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